Construction icon "2 layers | Polystyrene"

The icon "2 layers | Polystyrene" means that the embossing of a design or the color of the Garaga garage door is available for our doors built with polystyrene insulation behind an exterior steel layer (Steel + Polystyrene). The polystyrene is protected by a sheet of vinyl and the total thickness of this door is 2".

This type of door is available with Regal garage door models and those of the Village Collection.

Construction icon 2 layers

Features of a "2 layers | Polystyrene" construction

  1. 3 options for outside layer: steel, heavy duty steel or commercial grade steel for high durability
  2. Tongue and groove joints between sections that fit seamlessly
  3. Polystyrene insulation layer is vinyl backed
2 Layers Polystyrene Construction
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