Architects & builders

When you need garage doors or overhead doors for your construction job, it’s important that you understand exactly what type of door you need, so that it will match your requirements and specifications. We can help you evaluate the application and use of the door, so that we can find the door that’s the best fit.

To find the garage door or overhead door system you’re looking for, we first have to think about the needs and requirements for the door.

1. How much traffic will the door normally experience?

If the door will be used very often, it can increase the potential risk of breakdown. You should also consider the types of vehicles and people who will use the door.

2. Does the door need to be insulated or weather-tight?

Insulation and other measures can dramatically affect energy costs, and so can the size of the door. If you’re using a motorized garage door, there may be a way to reduce the energy consumption of the door’s different accessories.

3. How often will the door be used?

Doors that are only opened and closed every once in a while require different hardware than those that will be opened several times per day. You’ll also want to have reliable door openers if the daily use will be high.

4. What are your safety and security needs?

There are many accessories and devices that can make your door more secure, lowering accidents, risk of vandalism, and the ability of unauthorized people to open your door.

5. Do you want a lot of natural light in your garage?

If you would like a garage with a lot of natural light, the overhead door can include multiple windows or larger windows. If natural light isn’t important to you, you might want to have fewer windows, because they will make the door less weather-tight and increase energy costs.

6. Are there any other safety conditions or requirements for the door?

Whether the site experiences strong winds, corrosive air, or risk of explosion, we can provide a door that will be able to mitigate other concerns and fulfill other operational requirements.

With these questions answered, it’s time to think about the door’s dimensions.

  • First, you’ll need to know the distance between the floor and ceiling or between the floor and any obstructions that will affect the way the garage door or overhead door opens.
  • If doors are installed side-by-side, there must be at least 18 inches between them.
  • Electrical engineers can help with doors that need electric door openers. A higher voltage will also maximize the efficiency of the opener.

Which type of door is best for your project or site?

  • Sectional doors

    Sectional doors are useful in many different applications. Most of the sectional garage doors in United States feature 26‑galvanized steel that is 1¾" thick. With polyurethane foam insulation, these doors are extremely strong and provide exceptional insulation regardless of outside weather and temperature.

  • Rolling steel doors

    Rolling steel doors might be a great option if you need a door with high fire resistance. Some of these doors have been fire rated and can resist fire for more than 45 minutes.

  • High-speed doors

    Depending on the application, you might need a door that can divide two areas of a facility but also open quickly and reliably. We have PVC doors that can open at a speed of 60 inches per second.

  • Loading dock doors

    If you need overhead doors installed for your loading or unloading dock, you’ll have a range of options to choose from such as hydraulic docks, mechanical docks, and platform lifts. These doors can also be equipped with many different safety accessories.

No matter the application, our rolling doors, high-speed doors, all-glass doors, pass-doors, loading doors, sectional doors, strip doors, and wicket doors can provide the safety, reliability, and function you need. Our installation technicians have experience with all types of project requirements, and you can trust that you’ll have a door that meets your specifications and is installed correctly.

We recommend that you choose a door and components that have high levels of durability and efficiency. This can reduce the risk of future breakdowns, lowering the costs for maintenance and repairs. You may be able to double the reliability and sturdiness of your door by only paying 15% more than you would otherwise.

Don’t forget to ask us about our Preventive Maintenance Program! Our technicians will provide regular maintenance on your garage or overhead doors which will make sure they are operating efficiently at all times. This program can prevent future interruptions in service that can be costly for your operation.

You can contact our representatives or technicians at 1-888-754-0357. We are available to help you Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM in the areas of Dover, Portsmouth, Rochester and their surroundings.