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Weather resistant garage doors in Dover

At Seacoast Door Systems, we can provide our customers with garage doors capable of withstanding the strongest winds due to their durable materials, design, and insulation.

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Get experienced garage door service and repair in Dover, NH

At Seacoast Door Systems, we always recommends an annual maintenance for your Seacoast Door Systems. When done by skilled Seacoast Door Systems, it can ensure that the entire door is in top condition, the various pieces are functioning properly, and that everything is in alignment.

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Need experienced garage door specialists? We are available!

Give the experts at Seacoast Door Systems a call! We offer you the kind of skilled, dedicated, and reliable team that will provide what you need. Each member is a garage door specialist capable of answering questions, making essential repairs, and ensuring the very best for our customers.

Know before you buy: The garage door Design Centre

When you use our Design Centre, you get the rare chance to see what your garage door will look like when it is arrived and installed. Even if you are just beginning to consider a new door, this tool is amazingly handy and fun. Explore the many styles of garage doors, change features such as colors or accessories, and even add windows to see the results.

When you upload a picture of your property, you can look at the door as it will actually appear after the professional installation. A new garage door is a serious investment, and these tools can help to guarantee your satisfaction.

Begin to update your home or property right away, and use our Design Centre for the very best results.

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Standard+ North Hatley SP, Standard+ Classic MIX and Standard+ Classic XL garage doors

Why Garaga doors are the most recommended in Dover, NH

Increase the value of your property instantly!

Experts will tell you that a lot of people overlook the value of a new garage door. It is something that has the potential for upping the value of any home, and at Seacoast Door Systems, our goal is to help you achieve such goals.

Our team is well aware of the impact of replacing a garage door. We know how your curb appeal can increase, and so our technicians and installers in Dover, NH, are here to give you the best advice available.

Guiding you through the selection process, they explain the different styles, colors and options - ensuring you are clear about the products that fit your budget.

Though buying a new garage door happens only every 25 years, or so, it is still important to make the right choice, and GARAGA garage doors are definitely the answer.

With LiftMasterTM safety comes first

Whether you worry about intruders accessing your home through the garage or weather causing huge damages and losses if you forget to close the door, the LiftMaster garage door openers can bring such concerns to an immediate end. They are among the most innovative garage products for the modern garage door, guaranteeing that it is fully closed at all times.

Here at Seacoast Door Systems, we offer the best products in the industry, and LiftMaster must be considered one of the very finest of them all.

Trust our team of experienced professionals in Dover, NH

Seacoast Door Systems is proud of its team of dedicated employees. Years of experience, and hundreds of successful installations make us some of the best garage door specialists throughout the region.

When you have a garage door, it may need replacement or it could just need maintenance, and our team can handle it all. We have experts that can head to your home and ensure that your door's operating system is functioning properly. Our team of technicians has the skills and know-how that make them the right choice for a repair or to install any type of garage door. Whether it is a residential or commercial setting, our skilled employees are ready to deliver premium service.

Driving directions

Pointer Map-A Dover, NH
Drive 18.5 miles, 28 min
Take Central Ave to 6th St 0.4 mi / 2 min
1. Head east on Chapel St toward Main St 427 ft
2. Turn left onto St John St 0.1 mi
3. Turn left onto Broadway 0.1 mi
4. Turn right onto Central Ave 0.1 mi
Get on NH‑16 N / Spaulding Turnpike 2.5 mi / 2 min
5. Turn left onto 6th St 1.6 mi
6. Turn right onto Indian Brook Dr 0.7 mi
7. Turn left onto the Spaulding Turnpike N / New Hampshire 16 N ramp to Rochester - Partial toll road 0.2 mi
Continue on NH‑16 N / Spaulding Turnpike. Take NH‑11 W to NH‑153 N in Farmington 15.6 mi / 20 min
8. Merge onto NH‑16 N / Spaulding Turnpike - Partial toll road 7.0 mi
9. Continue onto NH‑16 N / US‑202 E / Spaulding Turnpike 1.6 mi
10. Take exit 15 for New Hampshire 11 W toward Farmington / Alton 0.3 mi
11. Continue onto N Main St 433 ft
12. Continue onto NH‑11 W / Farmington Rd - Continue to follow NH‑11 W 4.4 mi
13. Turn right onto NH‑153 N - Destination will be on the left 2.3 mi
Pointer Map-B 143 Charles St., Farmington, NH 03835‑0011