Is It Time to Incorporate a Freezer into Your Garage Space?

It’s time for taking back your space. 2021 is the year of the garage freezer.

Big freezer with an open door in a garage

“You can have a freezer in an unheated garage. (freezer Gladiator)” - YourCarCave

Have you thought about what to do with all your garage space? Most people aren't using it in the best way. Maybe you aren't even aware of how much space you have since there's a lot of clutter around. This is a pretty common occurrence. Things start to pile up, and soon, space is at a premium.

Garage doors are Standard+ Classic CC, 9' x 7', Ice White

You love timeless appeal? This is our most popular garage door design the Classic CC, 9' x 7', Ice White

Sit down for a minute and consider how you can make your garage space work for you. If you were to clean everything up, remove all the useless items, and start organizing the space, what could you do with the garage? If you aren't sure, maybe a freezer is the perfect addition to the area.

The Top Reasons to Place a Freezer in the Garage

Not sure why a freezer is so helpful to have in the garage? There are several reasons you might want one, including:

Less grocery shopping – When you have an additional freezer in the garage, there's less need to visit the store to stock up. This can save on gas as well as time.

Potential to buy in bulk – With extra space, you can buy more of the things you like. This can often make things much less expensive.

Option to meal prep – Making meals early can save time and you can keep the extras in the freezer to defrost throughout the week (or month).

Meat storage space – Do you fish? Go hunting? Raise animals? A new freezer is a perfect place to put excess meat you'll eat later.

You can see how many benefits there are to an extra freezer in the garage. Sure, the freezer has a price, but you'd be surprised by how quickly you can recoup what you spend on the appliance.

Freezer Styles to Choose From

Depending on how your garage is set up and how much space you have, you have several options when it comes to choosing a freezer. Need lots of space? Go with a massiveupright freezer or try afreezer chest that is lower to the ground. A portable freezer is an excellent option if you want something a bit smaller. Freezers come in all sorts of styles and sizes, so you will find one that matches your needs.

The Upright Freezer

This freezer is similar in style to a refrigerator but will often be slightly smaller and have a single door. Rather than being part freezer and part fridge, the entire item is made to freeze food and drink. These freezers have several shelves, and you can choose from a variety of finishes. Uprights can be found in many aesthetics to match the style of your garage.

The Chest Freezer

This freezer opens from the top and is much wider than it is tall. In many cases, a chest freezer will have a set of dividers that makes it easier to organize the contents. These also come in various sizes and finishes to fit your needs.

The Portable Freezer

Have less room? A portable freezer is smaller but still gives you utility. These are lightweight appliances that you can move from one place to another. However, keep in mind that only a small amount of food will fit into this item.

Consider these popular brands for freezers in 2021:

● GE

● Frigidaire

● Arctic King

● Maytag

● Midea

Check out these brands and others like them for the options you need in a freezer. You can also learn more about the five best upright freezers for the garage in 2021. Do a little digging and you'll find a great option for your own garage? Consider reading the information on Consumer Reports for even more information about products you are considering.

If you want a garage freezer, remember that you have options. Consider the various sizes and styles to ensure you select a model that works for you.

A garage freezer in need of defrosting and cleaning.

A freezer in need of maintenance. Image from Unsplash

Now that you have your freezer in its place, you also need to be sure you take care of it. You'll need to make sure you defrost it and clean it out on a regular basis. Otherwise, you could end up with a freezer that looks like the one above.

A good rule of thumb is to defrost the garage freezer on an annual basis. However, more frequent care may be needed if your freezer quickly builds up ice. If there's more than a quarter of an inch of ice present, you should go ahead and defrost it.

Getting the Garage Prepared for a Freezer

Garage door is Moderno 2 beads, 6' x 7' and 10' x 8', Black, window layout: Right-side Harmony

You love modern or contemporary looks? You will appreciate this garage door, in Moderno 2 beads design, 6'x7' for the shed and 10'x8' for the attached garage, in Black, window layout: Right-side Harmony

You've now learned all the great reasons you have for adding a freezer to the garage. But if you have a garage door that isn't looking as good as it used to, that can be an issue. For instance, if the garage door doesn't have proper insulation, you might be wasting energy – and money.

You'll notice a significant difference if you choose an R16 insulated garage door. This not only keeps the space warm in the winter months but ensures it's cool in the summer heat.

You may run into other issues with old garage doors, too. Some might have problems related to the weatherstripping. This can let warm or cool air into the garage.

When adding a refrigerator or freezer to the space, you need a top-notch garage door with good insulation. This ensures the appliance doesn't have to work extra hard.

Make sure that you consider all of your garage door options. You want to make sure it's insulated, secure, and of high quality. But you also want to make sure it has a great look that matches your own style.

Check out some of the various options. There are carriage doors, contemporary doors, traditional doors, and more. Pick the one that works best for you.

Garage door: Shaker-Flat XS, 9' x 7', Desert Sand, Clear windows

You love the charming details of yesteryear swing doors? These garage door is a Shaker-Flat XS design, 9'x7', Desert Sand Color, Clear windows

Ready to Have a New Garage Door Installed?

When you're ready for a new door in the garage, all you have to do is contact a dealer in your local area. You'll have tons of options, so you can choose a model that looks great and keeps your freezer safely inside.

Seacoast Overhead Door Inc. is happy to help and will offer you an email quotation to make things nice and simple. If you haven't selected your dream door, look at the 3 styles for a bit of extra help.

Reach out to us at 1-888-754-0357.

We'll help you select a door that fits your budget and style.

Try Our Design Centre

The Design Centre is a virtual app that can be very useful. Look at garage doors you like, upload a photo of your home, and see how each option would look on your home. It's simple and a ton of fun.

Get Some Extra Inspiration?

Explore these options to get some ideas. You can get some inspiration that might lead you to the perfect garage door.

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